The achievements in the water and sanitation sector are outstripped by the scale of the challenges. The sewerage has been considered the best waste management system if managed properly. This system is expensive and the developed countries of USA, UK and Australia have only succeeded its implementation. The nations of the developing world cannot afford as they do not have adequate resources. In India, the sewerage system was implemented for the first time in the city of Kolkata in 1870 and since then and up till now, i.e. in over 140 years, only 269 out of a total of over 5,000 towns and cities have been brought under sewerage, that too partially.

The invention of Septic tank system is also not appropriate as it requires intervention for excreta disposal periodically. This required a concerted effort and actions to develop and implement efficient sanitation systems for household and community use and integrate sanitation with water resources management strategies with a paradigm shift from ‘Water Supply and Sewerage’ to ‘Water Supply and Sanitation’ by exploring alternative indigenous mechanisms and bring in social transformation.

The Academy, promoting sustainable sanitation to millions of low income dwellers and the vulnerable, alleviating water resources through conservation and wastewater treatment and providing solutions for developing appropriate environmental sanitation among developing nations are the highest priorities. With this in view, established in 1984 a Sulabh International Institute of Technical Research and Training (SIITRAT) as the Research, Development and Consultancy wing of SISSO with a view to providing technical support. The Institute was registered in 1993 under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 with permanent registration under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). The SIITRAT was renamed as International Academy of Environmental Sanitation and Public Health (IAES&PH) in 2011 and is engaged in the development of:

          new and sustainable technologies and their implementation,

          demonstration and dissemination of information to bring socio-economic reforms,

          capacity building and knowledge management in environmental sanitation,

          promotion of projects and consultancy services in the fields of environment, water conservation and wastewater treatment, sewerage, storm water drainage, safe sanitation and waste management, etc.

          Providing housekeeping services for office building, road, housing colonies etc. The Academy is dedicated to promote PEACE to the developing world by enriching:

Poverty Alleviation; Environmental Sanitation; Awareness; Children Rights; and Education for All.

Clean water and proper sanitation is the foundation of life and personal health and hygiene is the key to happy living!


“ International Academy to be among the world leading Knowledge HUB and facilitating Non-governmental Organization for the promotion of appropriate, affordable, eco-friendly and culturally acceptable sanitation development free from environmental pollution and bring social transformation in achieving the sanitation target set for the millennium development goal among the developing countries”.


“To contribute for sustainable sanitation development through knowledge sharing, technology transfer and social transformation in enhancing the quality of life of billions of the poor and the vulnerable population in the developing world”.

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